Gunter currently works and lives in Western Jamaica. He believes in his creative uniqueness. From his early  beginning as a metal fabricator, he relished  the opportunities in creating artistic custom iron works. He fully embraced his artistic talent in 1999. He now specializes in semi abstract contemporary metal art. He researched the technique of the old masters and appropriated them into his own intensive self-study. 


His work is very expressive and defined by bold use of vibrant colours. He approaches his art as a  disciplined craftsman, with painstaking care and detail. Each piece is created with great inspiration and passion.  He believes unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.


His work is an expression of  his appreciation for the gift received from God.

 E X H I B I T I O N S

 Bohios – 2010 (group) -

 Tryall Clubs – 2011 (solo)

 Half Moon Resorts – 2012 (group)

 Tryall Clubs – 2012 (group)

 Montego Bay Art Festival – 2013 (group)

 ArtWalk Montego Bay – 2014 (Group)

 Liguanea Art Fair, Kingston  – 01/6/2014

 Emotions - Round Hill Hotel and Villas - Nov 9-14 2016 (solo)

 Liguanea Art Fair, Kingston  – 2017  (Group)

Scotia Bank Special Client, Strawberry Hill - 2018 (Group)