Art Paintings Can Help You Relax

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    creativeartz (Saturday, 22 January 2011 19:59)

    The function of art, or at least one of the functions of art, is to show us how beauty can make us feel like better people: more relaxed, more open and more able to take on whatever life might throw at us. Great art works do this by speaking directly to our emotional core, in a soothing and instructive voice: showing us that there is peace in this world, and that we are able to find that peace simply by looking inside ourselves. When we look at a piece of art that has soothed us in this way, we know that we are not really looking at, say, a field or a mountain, but at landscape art paintings; and we know that the arrangement of lines and colours in a piece of modern abstract art canvas are exactly that, just paint on canvas. And yet in both cases something reaches past all the material facts – that this is a simple arrangement of two dimensional colours on canvas – and becomes something much deeper.

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